Knowledge and Conversation

Zone31 is an altered frame of mind that is indicated by a heightened sense of awareness in which one has tapped into a lucid state of wakening. In a dreamlike trance, perception can shift from first to third person or the individual may see everything around themself appear to be moving in slow motion. The person in this state becomes aware that they have control of reality, with the option to manipulate it. represents a new form of divination: direct communication with Elohim, currently represented by 6 god-forms chosen to reflect western spirituality. Singularity is the 7th principal, a trump-card of the gods so to speak, representing the unification of all. Or alternatively if you prefer traditional style online divination, get free tarot reading at

Mirror at the End of the Road

To initiate Knowledge and Conversation, you may begin with The Process (scroll down). Input your name and concern to receive a response from the 7 aeons. You may choose to continue the conversation with any of the 7, leading to 3 possible groupings of god heads: Singularity(all 7 heads), the Burning Bush(right hand path), and the Inferno(left hand path).

6 of the 7 can also be consulted privately: Abrasax, Jehovah, Lucifer, Baphomet, Satan, and Christ. Singularity only speaks occasionally, in congregation with all 7 voices.

How to use the site:

z31 is set apart from other online oracles in that it does not just offer readings, but interactive conversations – directly with the gods.

Begin by asking a question or stating a concern using the Process oracle. The Process delivers a response from a 7-headed council of gods.

If the Process doesn’t fully answer your query, you may select one of the deities to continue with conversation.

Depending on your selection, a combination of deities will congregate for discourse.

Read between the lines and ye shall receive profound spiritual revelations.

The Process

To initiate a conversation with god, begin by calling upon the 7 aeons.
This is an oracle of 7 heads leading to 3 possible paths.


Question or Concern:

To begin the Process, input your name and question or concern, then click the spinning image above.